Without strength, you cannot go forward

The best endurance athletes are generally slim, but if you look more closely, you realize they are all muscle! Furthermore, if you examine them more closely, you would realize that those muscles are also very strong.

What is true for the best is also true for us amateur athletes. In fact, a stable torso, strong flexor muscles are required, as well as a good interaction of the muscles involved in the movement.

Exercises to do at home

For those who want to be faster, recover energy better after training, and at the same time reduce the susceptibility to injury, we recommend performing the following exercises several times a week.

We also suggest warming up a bit before performing them. There are several ways to dose the exercises:

  • The exercises are performed one after the other for 45-60 seconds. 1 to 3 series.
  • Between one exercise and the next, an active break of 30-60 seconds is taken while jumping rope.
  • A single exercise is performed three times in succession. Between one series and another, there is a 60-second break.
  • Tabata exercise: 20 seconds of exercise alternating with 10 seconds of pause; the same exercise, eight times in a row, then for four minutes.

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